Cherry Blossom in Kyunghee University & Dream Forest

Last week we officially started the cherry blossom season here in Korea. And as a good Seoulite that I am, I went out to see the cherry trees and their beautiful white/pink flowers. I wanted to avoid big and crowded places like Yeouido Park, but fortunately I to live right next to one of the most famous places in Korea to go see the cherry blossom: Kyunghee University (the one right next to mine, HUFS!). I went with my Venezuelan born Korean friend Johnny, we had lunch together and we walked around Kyunghee's campus to enjoy the beautiful spring athmosphere.

La semana pasada empezó oficialmente la temporada de cerezos aquí en Corea. Y como buena seulita que soy fui a ver los cerezos y sus bonitas flores de color blanco/rosa. Quise evitar sitios llenos de gente como elParque de Yeouido, pero afortunadamente vivo muy cerca de uno a de los sitios más famosos de Corea para ver los cerezos: La Universidad Kyunghee (justo al lado de la mía, HUFS!). Fui con mi amigo coreano (nacido en Venezuela) Johnny, comimos juntos y dimos un paseo por el campus de Kyunghee disfrutando éste hermoso ambiente de primavera.

There were many groups of students from Kyunghee High School taking pictures!
Habían muchos grupos de estudiantes del Insituto Kyunghee tomando fotos!

Kyunghee University also has this Neogothic (kind of fake, but) beautiful church!
La Universidad Kyunghee tiene una bonita (aunque algo falsa) catedral gótica!

More high schoolers :)
Más estudiantes de instituto :)

Isn't it beautiful? :)
No es bonito? :)

Later in the afternoon I met Ignacio and Salut two of my Spaniard friends) and we went to Dream Forest, a place I had been before (but not during this wonderful spring season!). It's not too far from HUFS either (10 minutes by bus!) and it's a big park and a hill in Northern Seoul. A beautiful spot in the middle of the restless megalopolis.

Por la tarde quedé con Ignacio y Salut (dos amigos españoles) y fuimos al Dream Forest, un sitio al que ya había ido antes (pero no durante ésta fabulosa temporada de primavera!). Tampoco está muy mejor de HUFS (10 minutos en autobús!) y es un parque bastante grande en un pequeño cerro en el norte de Seúl: Un sitio precioso en medio de ésta megalópolis que no descansa.

Just like I said, cherry blossom in Korea have this light pink/white color instead of the bright pink we all think of (I don't know about the cherry trees in Japan, though!).
Como ya dije, las flores de cerezo en Corea tienen un color rosa pálido/blanco en vez del rosa fuerte que todos nos pensamos (Aunque no sé qué color tienen los reales en Japón!).

Last time I visited this lake it was completely frozen. I remember dropping a 15kg (33 pounds) rock on it and it didn't even crack! Hahaha

La última vez que vine a éste lago estaba completamente helado. Recuerdo haber tirado una roca de 15kg en él y ni siquiera se agrietó! Hahaha

Things are getting better. I'm happy now :)
Las cosas van mejor ahora. Soy feliz :)



  1. Oh i found your blog yesterday and read most of the articles , such a nice blog and thats really good that you share your memories with other people :D ! im very interested in South Korea and am going to start uni soon , i wanna learn that did you go to South Korean university as Erasmus exchange student or is it another project? And is it hard to get into there ? if you answer me , i will be so very happy !!! Best wishes !! :D

    1. Hello Anonymous! :) I didn't go as an Erasmus exchange student as Erasmus implies that you're staying inside of the European Union, this is just a normal exchange program between universities :) I don't really know how hard it is to get accepted as that depends on your home university and their criteria (marks, language certificates...). I'd love to help you in any way I can if you have some other doubts and/or questions! You know where to find me :) Thank you for passing by, and I appreciate your comment!


  2. Wah!!!
    Thanks for this piece of the beauty in Korea! All photos are great! I enjoy them!

  3. The cherry blossoms look absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Hello , Claudia ! its me , who asked you some questions :)) thank you veryy much for your explanation to my questions !! im amazed by your life in Korea ! Actually really wanna go and stay there one or two years as exchange programme since a very long time :)) oh i thought it was erasmus ! And totally didnt know that erasmus is only available in Europe :O by the way , im from Turkey ! :) thanks a lot for your kindness , oh i will ask you if i want to learn something about these , definitely :D so best wishes again and have a lovely day ~~~~


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