Wait, what year is it?

Ugh… How stupid am I? I have been living with this blog on for almost two years now, thinking I had closed it down for good. Did Blogspot played tricks on me? Did I delete my blog on my sleep instead? Doesn’t matter. Here I am, again. Um… Hi!

We all have these moments when you just have the urge to look up your (now) well-known URL and/or brand on Google, just to see what comes up. Doing it just a few days ago and realizing all these blog posts were still there, floating around the cyberspace made me feel queasy, almost sick. I thought I had flipped that page of my life already, yet it hasn’t gone anywhere. And guess what? Even though I haven’t posted for years now I still have visitors from one, two weeks ago even (does this location visitor thing works after all? No offence, Live Traffic Feed). So I guess I shall  update this a little bit and give this ol’ post-teenage blog  the aesthetic lift it deserves. I hope Blogspot doesn’t mind I cheated with Wordpress for a few months. I got bored of the concept anyway, so why does it matter? I’m back now, don’t know for how long though!

It’s crazy how things have changed since I wrote that last post in February 2015. I don’t bring my Nikon D3100 around with me anymore, my iPhone 6S does the job. My love & dating life has changed, my groups of Friends have slightly changed, even my hobbies are different now. I’m a 25 year-old woman with a full-time job now, who am I trying to fool? It’s not like I am financially independent yet (if only!) but I’m definitely in another stage in my life. I don’t get bubble tea as often as I did now, the specialty coffee trend hit hard on me and I’m a so-called non-coffee-drinker hípster now whose best friends are Goodreads and Instagram. Nope, I’m not over the social media fever yet! Same happens with letters too, I haven’t stop writing them since I was 14, something I’m very proud of. However, t’s still heartbreaking to see how most of the penpals I used to write about on this blog aren’t in my life anymore (for one reason or another). Just like The Black Eyed Peas say, “Easy come, easy go”! 

Going back to this blog, I know my old posts have been helping young exchange students in Korea, that my posts from Vietnam have helped random travelers looking for not-so-touristy spots to visit, and also my regular posts have helped old friends (also stalkers… I see you all!) catch up with what used to be my life. So I guess I won’t be deleting them. It’s part of my past, and despite everything I’ve gone through these past two years I don’t regret any single thing or decision that I have made. It all stays here, FOR NOW. I still need to think about what I’m going to write from now on. I was going to ask for your advice or feedback through a comment below, but commenting on blogs is a thing of the past now. I’m too lazy to take profesional pictures of my mail like I used to, I don’t have enough time to write about the last restaurant I visited or where I got my last cup of matcha latte at... As weird as it might sound, I am equally motivated and unmotivated about going back to blogging. Let’s see what I come up with then! Give me some time to brainstorm a little.

No really, thank you for your patience. I guess it was meant to happen somehow!

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